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We're often asked to come and replace a deck that hasn't been installed properly in the first place. We feel sorry for the homeowners, especially if it's someone who had us around to quote the works initially but then went with a cheaper option. Honestly, we're not offended if you do select another contractor to do your works but we want you to be educated when making the decision. There are so many home handymen out there at the moment, in an unregulated industry who are quite simply ripping people off and performing poor work. Here's a list of things that you should look out for when having your works quoted.


There is no better feeling than sitting on a deck, drink in hand, watching the world go by. So what kind of deck should you choose? Ultimately, it all comes down to price, maintenance and aesthetics.

There are a number of no-maintenance decks on the market that are of an incredible quality. Our favourite is Trex decking which comes with a 25 year warranty! Not only does it require zero maintenance, it looks great AND it's made from recycled materials! With colours such as Island Mist (a nice beachy grey) it ticks almost every box.

The no-maintenance and looks come at a high price though with Trex being at the...

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